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ATV (Sare Rang Hamare)

ATV is Pakistan’s largest privately operated terrestrial television network with the 2nd largest national viewer ship base. Launched on June 24th, 2005. ATV has made a place in the minds and hearts of its viewers in a record time. ATV is watched throughout Pakistan terrestrially (on antenna) and in 86 countries of the world including the Gulf States On Paksat 1 R. ATV today is a symbol of quality television entertainment in Pakistan. With its reach and impact ATV has forward looking vision that draws strength from the rich religious and cultural traditions of the land. ATV’s role during and after the traumatic Earth Quake experience in Pakistan has been widely appreciated at home and abroad. ATV has launched a host of fresh and entertaining programs in its new quarter keeping in view all segments of its diverse viewer ship that range from urban to rural and terrestrial to international. The programs that are scheduled in the new quarter represent women, children, youth and all other age, social and income groups. ATV’s drama, music, fashion, showbiz, current affairs and agriculture programs are designed to cater to the varying entertainment taste buds and information needs of its esteemed viewers. ATV also gives special importance to religious programs. Our religious programs are objective and balanced with an enlightened out look on worldly and spiritual matters. ATV has also launched its daily main News Bulletin at 09:00 PM and 10 minutes news bulletins every hour –on-the-hour. ATV is proud to present the details of its new quarter programs.

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Abdul Jabbar

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