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Directed By: Aehsun Talish Produced By: FARS Entertainment Written By : Ali Afzal Cast : Faisal Quraishi, Aleezy Rasool, Taifoor khan, Mizna Waqas, Saba Faisal, Manawer Saeed, Gulle Raana, Seemi Pasha, Sajid Shah, Humaira Zahid, Junaid khan and others. It is said that a woman cannot forget her first love, be it her lover or her husband. If a second man enters her life still she is unable to forget the first person. Then how can she forget a person who is also her first love and her husband whom she has lost because of the second man who entered[...]
Host: Sundas Khan Meet Sundas Khan every morning at with friends, celebrities and people from all walks of life – entertainment, music, cooking astrology, makeup/fashion things and subjects that you want to see. Mon-Fri: 9:05 am
Director: Naeem ul hassan Producer: Rashid Saeed Host: Sundas Jameel The Weekend Show is a show to provide platform to the masses at large, and to cater interests of people from all ages and classes to get energized, filled and entertained. Saturday – Sunday : 5:10 PM
Producer : Ejaz Bhutta Host : Afzal Khan (Rambo) Pakistani Media holds a world record of airing maximum Breaking News daily and what is funny about it is that people take them too seriously… This show mocks major current affair programs in an unprecedented way – at the same time – having the same outlook of any other Current Affair show; we have seriously hilarious analysts, a reporter at large and a screen with a new “Breaking News” every now & then Sat-Sun 10:05 am

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