Directed By: Sohail Iftikhar Khan Produced By: Saleem Sheikh Written By : Muhammad Asif Cast : Amna Ilyas, Mohammad Mohsin, Usama Khan, Khurram Deebaj, Usama Khan, Amna Malik, Mehreen, Jamal Sheikh, Marrium Sheikh, Rohi Khan and Hashim Butt. The central idea revolves around a guy named Ali who is a doctor who makes a major mistake during an operation as a result of which the patient (sajid) dies. He meets the victim’s family by chance and now starts feeling even guiltier. How will Ali get rid of the guilt in his heart? Stay tuned! Thu – Fri : 19: 03[...]
Burka Avenger is a multi-award winning and critically acclaimed 3D animated TV series, produced by Unicorn Black, about a female superhero that has made headlines worldwide. Set in the fictional town of Halwapur, the show features Jiya, a school teacher whose alter ego dons a burka-like costume to disguise her identity while battling evil. Trained in the ancient mystic martial art of “Tact Kabaddi”, she uses advanced acrobatics and books & pens as projectile weapons against villains trying to shut down the girls’ school and commit other atrocities. She fights for Justice, Peace & Education for all. Starting From 22-July-2017
Wed – Thu – 11:15 PM Chopaal is an entertainment based TV Talk Show, touching upon many social issues faced by the people of Pakistan, and specially South Punjab. With a unique backdrop of culture, music, history and laughter, Chopaal invites guests to participate in dialogue for pointing out solutions to the country’s problems. They youth specially is encouraged to speak about the issues they face in their day to day lives, and their concerns for their future. The conversation is carried out with a solution-based approach in order to guide and contribute towards the strengthening of local institutions. During[...]
Directed By: Aehsun Talish Produced By: FARS Entertainment Written By : Ali Afzal Cast : Faisal Quraishi, Aleezy Rasool, Taifoor khan, Mizna Waqas, Saba Faisal, Manawer Saeed, Gulle Raana, Seemi Pasha, Sajid Shah, Humaira Zahid, Junaid khan and others. It is said that a woman cannot forget her first love, be it her lover or her husband. If a second man enters her life still she is unable to forget the first person. Then how can she forget a person who is also her first love and her husband whom she has lost because of the second man who entered[...]
  Directed By: Kashif Saleem Produced By: Barkat Sidiki Written By : Irfan Mughal Cast : Javaid Sheikh, Sanam Chaudary, Humayun Ashraf, Sana Fakhar, Yasir Mazhar, Sherry Shah, Seemi Pasha, Sheriyar Zaidi, Faheem Abbas, Sara Omair, Aamir Qureshi, Farah Nadeem, Parveen Akber, Raima Khan, Raju Jameel and Urooj Chawla. This is a story revolving around four characters i.e. mother, daughter, sister and wife. The main focus is on the atrocities committed on the daughter due to the ego of an arrogant man who is her father. He wants his wife and daughter in law to obey his orders while he[...]
  Directed By: Salman Abbas Nomi Produced By: One Ten Films Written By : Rizwan Hasan Cast : 1. Sherry (as) Haseena 2. Saleem Mairaaj (as) Moin 3. Shahid Khwaja (as) Billoo Cable Wala Guest Appearances Will Be Added According To Situations It’s a story of “Odd Couple “the husband is “Nerd” and wife is “Bold & Beautiful “. Husband name is Moin and Wife name is Haseena. Moin is always worried about his beautiful wife in his absence because of “Doodh Wala’s, Dhobi, Chowkidar, Cable Wala etc because they are trying to flirt with Haseena in his absence meanwhile[...]
  Head of Project : Zanjabeel Asim Shah Directed By: Shahzad Rafique Produced By: Sadia Jabbar Written By : Zanjabeel Asim Shah Cast : Junaid Khan as Jahangir, Saima Noor as Mehtaab, Irsa Ghazal as Attiya, Saima Qureshi as Rakshanda, Anita Campher as Tabinda Jahangir has truly loved only one woman since the day he understood what love actually is, and the woman is none other than Mehtab, the beautiful, graceful nurse who works at his father’s clinic His biggest dilemma is not only seeing his mother being treated like a slave and getting disrespect at every point of her[...]
  Head of Project : Aamra Shahid Directed By: Saleem Khan Deswali Produced By: Tanveer Ajmi Written By : Huma Nafees, Hina Nafees Cast : Anoushay Abbasi, Naila Jafri, Furqan Qureeshi, Fazeela Qazi, Jhanzaib Gurchani, Nazli Soomro, Shazia Shah, Mahi Balouch, Hasan Khan, Adnan Jilani and others This is drama is about the struggle of a mother and her two daughters who are living their lives without the support of their father. The elder daughter realizes her responsibility while the younger one is a bit greedy with an irresponsible attitude. There are several other characters that will enter their lives[...]
(The Magnificent Century) is a Turkish historical fiction Story. it is based on the life of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife Hürrem Sultan, a slave girl who became Sultan. Fri – Sun : 8:00 PM

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