Directed by: Naushad Written by: Aeysha Rasheed Cast: Hassan Somroo, Sangeeta Faria Every Mon & Wed – 8:00 PM Man has given the power to protect woman dignity by trusting her that she will protect his honor. Our story revolves around the double standard of our society that how mistrust of a man will lead a house to living hell.
Every Sunday at 9:15 PM Directed by: Kamran Quraishi Written by: Ali Moeen Produced by: FARS Entertainment CAST: Sadia Khan, Sami Khan, Saba Faisal, Atiqa Udho, Sajid Hassan, Mariyam Ansari, Ponam, Taifoor Khan and others. Love has no religion. It is timeless, eternal without any boundaries. This story is about a person who falls deeply in love and says no to everything except love. Payal comes to Pakistan for the first time to see her father for the first and the last time. During this journey she’ll meet someone who will completely change her life. Who is that person and[...]
Starting from 19th February 2018  Written by: Qaiser Ali & Yasra Rizvi Directed by: Yasra Rizvi Produced by: Q films Cast: Faisal Rehman (Father), Nimra Bucha (Mother), Usman Pirzada (Taya) Sania Saeed (Scientist wife), Firdous jamal (Scientist), Hina Altaf (Fairy) Sundus Tariq (Taaye), Yasir Hussain (Masoom), Nayyar Ejaz (Khoobsurat) Bubu (Abdullah Altaf), BiBi ( Huda) This is a story about a person named Bubu who is 18 years old but mentally 7 years old. He is unable to comprehend things in a mature way and behaves like a grown up child.
  Directed By: Naeem Qureshi Produced By: Kolachi Media Written By : Sarwat Nazeer Cast : Sara Khan, Ali Abbas, Farhan Malhi, Atiqa Udho,Faria Hassan, Nida Mumtaz, Bina Choudhary Ghazala Kaife, Sajid Shah, Nasreen Qureshi, Naeem Sheikh, Farhia Sheikh, Farhat Nazar, Owais Waseer, Akhtar Ghazali, Tanveer Abbas, Shazia Qasir and Hadier Raza. Lekin is a story which revolves around a love triangle. The three main characters are Hashim , Hadia and Pervaiz. Hashim and Hadia love each other while Pervaiz likes Hadia. The destiny comes into play and things do not go smoothly. Stay tuned to see how destiny will[...]
Directed By: Usman Zulfiqar Produced By: Zahid Mian Written By : Khalil-ur-Rehman Lahore is an old city, ancient tradition and primitive philosophy. This 12-door city is a unique fusion of its inimitable character semblance and mannerism. Story of Love, Life Aur Lahore is divided among various characters enclosing many hatreds and love. It’s also a resonance of 62-years old love story of Waris Ali and a hindu girl Gaitri, But these stories cannot encompass hatred and love of all the characters living in downtown Lahore. Let’s say, story of the entire old city is told through a model of one[...]
  Directed By: Nain Munyar Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani, Asad Qaiser Written By : Iqra Sagheer Ahmed Cast : Behrooz Sabzwari, Javed Sheikh, Areej Fatima, Syed Afraz Rasool,Saleena Sapra, Fareeha Jabeen, Amina Khan, Gul-e-Rana, Farah Ali, Bushra Ali, Isma Khan, Tipu Shareef, Sohail Masood, Ayesha Gull, Anees Alam, Agha Sheeraz, Naeem Malik, Jahan Araha Hyi. An unpredictable tale of two women lost in a world of uncertainties…separated by deceit, treachery and intrigue their all-powerful natural bond defeats all designs to bring them together to take a newer, happier, more joyous start. wed – Thu : 08: 00 PM Mon –[...]
  Directed By: Sohail Iftikhar Khan Produced By: Saleem Sheikh Written By : Muhammad Asif Cast : Amna Ilyas, Mohammad Mohsin, Usama Khan, Khurram Deebaj, Usama Khan, Amna Malik, Mehreen, Jamal Sheikh, Marrium Sheikh, Rohi Khan and Hashim Butt. The central idea revolves around a guy named Ali who is a doctor who makes a major mistake during an operation as a result of which the patient (sajid) dies. He meets the victim’s family by chance and now starts feeling even guiltier. How will Ali get rid of the guilt in his heart? Stay tuned! Thu – Fri : 19: 03[...]
  Directed By: Salman Abbas Nomi Produced By: One Ten Films Written By : Rizwan Hasan Cast : 1. Sherry (as) Haseena 2. Saleem Mairaaj (as) Moin 3. Shahid Khwaja (as) Billoo Cable Wala Guest Appearances Will Be Added According To Situations It’s a story of “Odd Couple “the husband is “Nerd” and wife is “Bold & Beautiful “. Husband name is Moin and Wife name is Haseena. Moin is always worried about his beautiful wife in his absence because of “Doodh Wala’s, Dhobi, Chowkidar, Cable Wala etc because they are trying to flirt with Haseena in his absence meanwhile[...]
(The Magnificent Century) is a Turkish historical fiction Story. it is based on the life of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife Hürrem Sultan, a slave girl who became Sultan. Fri – Sun : 8:00 PM

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