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Chopaal is an entertainment based TV Talk Show, touching upon many social issues faced by the people of Pakistan, and specially South Punjab. With a unique backdrop of culture, music, history and laughter, Chopaal invites guests to participate in dialogue for pointing out solutions to the country’s problems. They youth specially is encouraged to speak about the issues they face in their day to day lives, and their concerns for their future. The conversation is carried out with a solution-based approach in order to guide and contribute towards the strengthening of local institutions. During the 16 episodes, the show hopes to iron out many confusions and point out many solutions for the youth of Pakistan, so they are better equipped to take their country forward and make their lives, and those of fellow Pakistanis, better. Renowned media personality and Host Tauseeq Haider hosts the show, discussing a diverse range of issues with his guests, from education to music, health, culture, history and legacy of the lands of South Punjab. He is accompanied by Pakistan’s favorite Comedians: Saleem Albela, Wajahat and Sadia of the Khabarnaak fame. This combination has made the Talk Show not only very informative but also created a much needed entertainment platform for the audiences of South Punjab.

The show is under production and airing will commence soon on ATV.

Only on Saturday 22:15

Chopaal Infotainment Based – TV Talk Show

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2 thoughts on “Chopaal

shahzeb khan says:

waiting.. 🙂

Muhammad Moazzam says:

Great entertaining show to kill some time.. http://ummitv.com/

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