Executive Producer:
Sadia Jabbar

Directed by:
Ahsan Talish

Written by :
Shahzad Javed & Nooran Makhdoom

Cast :
Firdous Jamal as Hakeem sahib, Aly Khan as Kabeer, fatima kunwar as Mehru, Maryam Ansari as Masooma , Kaif Ghaznavi as Farisa, Asim Mehmood as Zarak, Salman Saeed as Asad, Zainab Qayuum as Shabana, Rahma Saleem as Sweety, Hasan Farid Khan as Abdullah, Sajid Shah as Sabghat, Humaira Zahid as Mubeena, Shazia Qaiser as Syeda , Fazal Hussain as Maaro, Rizwana Wahab as Sanober, Jasmine as Laila, Abu rohan as Molvi Sahab, Neelam as Maid, Birjees Farooqi as Tayyaba,

Produced By:
Six Sigma Plus

Takabur is the story of a girl named Mehru who is the dearest and proud daughter of Hakeem Ahmed. Hakeem is a very stubborn and egoistic person and he is now under debt and is under constant fear from creditors that his property might get seized. Mehru’s cousin Asad loves her and wants to marry her but Hakeem Sahab rejects him only on the basis of dark complexion. A couple of times Mehru had to face embarrassment while being dressed as a to be bride and all this is because of her father who is in search of a wealthy person for Mehru so that he can get him out of debt. This drama depicts the harsh reality where a father is using her daughter as a pawn while also claiming that he loves her a lot. The question to ponder over is that who will be the guy who will marry Mehru? How will her dad use her further after he gets her married? What will become of Mehru? Stay tuned!

Sunday : 9:15 PM


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